Enter to win the ten-book Quilting Cozy series signed by the author.


C&T Publishing is offering to give the five lucky winners all ten books in this series, each book signed by the author. To enter, simple go to the C&T Blog by clicking here: C&T Giveaway and follow the instructions for registering.

You will also find a detailed description of the series on the C&T blog.

Good luck!


About Carol Dean Jones, Author, Quilting Cozy serieshttp://caroldeanjones.comI am a retired geriatric social worker, avid quilter, and author of A Quilting Cozy series published by C&T Publishing.

29 thoughts on “Enter to win the ten-book Quilting Cozy series signed by the author.

  1. So great to have found your blog Carol and your books! Thank you C&T publishing! I am an avid reader and quilter. I also have a blog at Sew and Sow Farm. I was sick last year so my blog posts are down but hope to get back to it this year! I can’t wait to read your books! I will be sure and share! xo Jan

    • I spent some time today on your blog. I love your quilts, your beautiful dog, the nature all around you…an ideal setting! My books are also available on Kindle…that’s where I do most of my reading. So glad to meet you. I hope you stay in touch (QuiltingCozy@gmail.com). Good Luck with the contest.
      Best wishes, Carol

      • Thank you Carol for visiting my blog. I love our little farm . Sure keeps us busy! I signed up to follow your blog! best wishes for your books! xoxo Jan

    • So sorry you had trouble with it, Cindy. Did you do all three steps? One was to sign up to follow C&T’s blog. the second step was to sign up for my blog, then to fill out the entry form. They were numbered and on the registration page and you just click on each item and it will take you there. I hope you can get signed up. The drawing is a week away so try again tomorrow. Best wishes.

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