About the Author

About the Author

paducahI am Carol Dean Jones, born in the late 1930’s in Paducah Kentucky before it became the quilt capital of the country. For my first ten years, I lived with my grandparents in Paducah. It wasn’t uncommon for children to be sent to what was perceived as safe parts of the country when Pearl Harbour was bombed.

I spent my working career providing social work services to a caseload of elderly people in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

100_0605In 2004 I retired and moved to the foothills of West Virginia where I bought a cabin, made new friends, and joined a quilt club.

But something seemed to be missing.

Stories which had been rumbling around in my head for years began demanding to be told.

And, as a result, TIE DIED: A Quilting Cozy was created.
Tie DiedAt that time, I never would have guessed that there were nine more books (and maybe more!) waiting to be written about a seventy-something-year-old woman and her experiences in the retirement community of Cunningham Village in the mid-west. But it should be no surprise that she took up quilting and continuously stumbled into mysteries to be solved. 

To read more about the development of this series, see About the Series. To read details about each book in the series, see My Books. To purchase a book, go to Amazon or to C&T Publishing and search by book titles or my name, Carol Dean Jones.

To contact me,  please go to the CONTACT ME page or send me an email at QuiltingCozy@gmail.com. I love hearing from my readers and followers.

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My very best wishes to my current and future friends. 

Carol Dean Jones

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