About the Books

There are currently ten books in the Quilting Cozy series written between 2013 and 2017. They focus on a woman named Sarah and her friends in Cunningham Village retirement community. You can count on lots of quilting and a mystery for Sarah and her cohorts to solve.

Below you will find a brief description of each book. Most of these books can stand alone, but I recommend reading them in order so that you will better understand their relationships and personalities.

All books are currently available in both print and ebook format on Amazon. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me on the blog page under COMMENTS or drop me a note at QuiltingCozy@CarolDeanJones.com.

1-Tie Died

Book 1: TIE DIED: A Quilting Cozy

Sixty-eight-year-old Sarah Miller sat among her unpacked boxes reliving the loss of her husband, her young grandson, and now the place that had been home for forty-two years. Everything she unpacked carried a memory, some warm and some painful. But Sarah is a survivor. As she reaches out to the retirement community that is to become home, Sarah finds friends, activities, new hobbies, and possibly a love interest. When one of her new friends is murdered, she and her feisty friend, Sophie, are determined to find the killer.


Running Stitches

Book  2: RUNNING STITCHES: A Quilting Cozy

At sixty-nine, Sarah Miller has settled into life in Cunningham village. She had been reluctant to move to a senior community but has made friends, learned to quilt, and joined community activities. Life is Good, or so her favorite tee-shirt boldly announces. But then a young girl goes missing. Sarah and her feisty cohort, Sophie, promise to find her, but that promise may have been premature. Running Stitches offers mystery, excitement, fun, a touch of romance, family, friends, and lots of quilting.


3-Sea Bound

Book 3:  SEA BOUND: A Quilting Cozy

Sea Bound: A Quilting Cozy continues the escapades of Sarah Miller and her cohorts living in Cunningham Village, a retirement community in the mid-west. Sarah and her friends escape to the islands on a quilting cruise, which offers creative quilting classes and loads of fun at sea. There are mysteries to be solved, a touch of romance on the beach, a gambling debt gone badly, and a missing passenger, presumed dead. Sarah and Charles are determined to unravel the mysteries while Sophie, in her feisty unconventional way, continues to offer comic relief.


4-Patchwork Connections


In Patchwork Connections, seventy-year old Sarah Miller, along with her friends and family, piece together their relationships to create renewed and lasting bonds. Sarah’s daughter, Martha, begins to play a larger role in her mother’s life, but she brings a troubled past and impending danger. Charles pulls his cop hat out of storage, hoping to solve a mystery close to Sarah’s heart. Sophie, while building new bonds with her son, continues to keep her cohorts from getting too serious. This is the fourth book in the Quilting Cozy series and continues to offer light mystery, lovable characters, a bit of romance, and lots of quilting!


5-Stitched Together-cdj

Book 5:  STITCHED TOGETHER: A Quilting Cozy

“Stitched Together: A Quilting Cozy” is the story of Sarah and Charles as they face the many joys and challenges of combining their life styles and households. Both in their seventies, they discover they each have a lifetime of preferences, priorities, and issues which make compromise sometimes difficult and sometimes rewarding. Sophie reluctantly considers a love interest herself, as family and friends pull together to save one of their own who has been charged with murder. This fifth book in the Quilting Cozy series includes lots of quilting!



Book 6: MOON OVER THE MOUNTAIN: A Quilting Cozy

“…She stopped suddenly when she heard twigs snapping nearby. She became tense and slowly crouched in the thicket. She could hear the rustling of the tall grasses along the edge of the stream. She could feel the tingle on the back of her neck as fear crept up her spine…”  Sarah Parker, an active seventy-something woman, attends a quilt retreat in the Appalachian Mountains just outside the Great Smoky Mountain National Park where she and her new quilting friends create memory quilts, explore native arts and crafts, and enjoy the spectacular mountain setting. The tranquility she enjoys is interrupted by an alarming presence in the forest surrounding Ten Oaks Lodge and Retreat Center. Her curiosity leads her to a family of mountain children struggling to survive alone and the mystery of their missing father.  


rescue3000SMALL Book 7: THE RESCUE QUILT: A Quilting Cozy (September 2015)

“Sophie cautiously picked her way across the rutted yard, noticing that the dog was looking back at her to make sure she was following. She carefully climbed the steps and crossed the rustic porch…She knocked hard but heard no sounds inside. She crept over to the window and pressed her face against the glass. Her screams echoed across the countryside.”

The Rescue Quilt: A Quilting Cozy finds Sophie far outside her comfort zone as she encounters several major life changes, including two new family members and a job working with lost and abandoned dogs. Sarah and Charles struggle to solve the mystery their friend has stumbled onto, while trying not to become lost in the many twists and turns they encounter along the way.


8-Missing Memories Book 8: MISSING MEMORIES: A Quilting Cozy (March 2016)

A friend has gone missing, and Sarah is told to leave it to the professionals – the Chicago Police Department, the FBI, and the U.S. Marshal’s office. But Sarah refuses to accept their assumptions about her friend’s identity. Missing Memories is the 8th book in the Quilting Cozy series and includes an abundance of quilting, the joys and concerns of Sarah’s friends and family, and a new charity project for the quilt club.

What is a Fidget Quilt?  These little lap quilts, often made as a charity project by quilters, are designed to soothe the restlessness and agitation of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. They include items to handle: things to open and close; things to touch and feel. They feature textures and shapes designed to keep fidgety fingers occupied.



Book 9: TATTERED & TORN: A Quilting Cozy

…Sarah took a deep breath and began. “I’m not sure how to explain this, Ruth. I feel,” she hesitated, searching for the right words. “I feel very drawn to this quilt or perhaps to the woman who made it. I feel as though this quilt needs something from me….”

A tattered quilt found in a pawn shop, an exhaustive search through the past, a murder suspect, a grand jury hearing –  all interwoven as the Cunningham Village folks return in this ninth book of A Quilting Cozy series promising mystery, friendship, and lots of quilting.


Book 10: LEFT HOLDING THE BAG: A Quilting Cozy

A new friend, trunks full of vintage fabric, credit card fraud, a budding romance, a murder – and our friends in the Cunningham Village Retirement Community are in the center of it all.  Sophie organizes the Undercover Sleuths in an attempt to solve the mysteries, while Sarah focuses on the antique fabrics.


All Ten books above are currently available on Amazon.com  in  Kindle format and in print. 

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