“I just finished reading the last in your 10-book series and loved them all. The characters in the series have become like friends and Cunningham Village sure sounds like a great place to live with all the activities offered. I am a recent retiree and a want-to-be quilter who is about to take-off on an extended road trip with my husband. A couple (maybe more) quilt shops have been noted along the way with sewing plans upon our return home. Thank you for your inspiration!”  Barbara

“Carol, thank you so much for this lovely series. I am almost as old as Sarah and looking forward to retirement in about 6 months. I have been a quilter for 35 years. I love the way Sarah is ready to take on a new challenge whether it’s quilting or solving a mystery. I’m sure it’s getting more difficult to come up with new story lines, but I sure hope the well isn’t quite dry yet. I am about to finish #9 and looking forward to #10. Have a wonderful summer and enjoy the new puppy.” Holly

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“I have just completed the last in the cozy quilts series (#8) and have enjoyed every one of them. As a member of a quilt guild in Delaware, I can’t wait to suggest we add the “fidget quilt” to our list of good deed projects. We are 285 members strong and many of us are retired seniors. We have a number of nursing homes & assisted living facilities in our area that I feel would benefit from these little quilts. Thank you for the hours of entertainment and the introduction to the fidget quilt. I look forward to your next series. Now I must get sewing since I have spent the past couple months reading all 8 of the Quilting Cozy series. Love your books and look forward to the next one.” Mary Jane

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“I just love this series. It is so down to earth, really involves the art of quilting and a great mystery that has endings that I don’t see coming. I just ordered your latest and drove right in. Love Sarah and Sophie. The newest book came at the perfect time. My dad died from Alzheimer’s 23 years ago and I was a geriatric nurse with a deep place in my heart for Alzheimer’s patients. I have been researching figit quilts and would like to make it a project for our bee/guild. Can’t wait to see what the ladies come up with in this latest book! Thank you so much and hope the series continues on and on!!!!! Keep them coming!!” Patti

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“Thank you so much for this wonderful quilting cozy series. I have loved each book. The main characters are like friends. The twists & turns in each book always leaving me going WOW, I didn’t see that ending. As a quilter since 1978, I love all the references to quilting. I smile as your stories bring back wonderful memories of my quilt adventures. I have never taken a quilt cruise but I did take a quilt bus tour through New England which might make a good story. I also recently joined a small Quilts of Valor group that makes quilts for our veterans. On National Quilts of Valor sewing day Feb 6th, we worked on the quilts in the morning & made presentations to 6 veterans in the afternoon with their families present. It was special to visit with them after the presentations. One vet was from Vietnam & kept thanking each of us for his quilt & told some stories of what he faced when he came home from the war. Please keep writing this series. It is so inspiring for seniors & quilters.” Sandie

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