Exciting News! Sarah and Sophie are at it again…

Beneath Missouri Stars (book #11 in the quilting cozy series) will be released by C&T Publishing in May. To preorder from Amazon at the guaranteed price, click here: Beneath Missouri Stars: a quilting cozy.

A renowned country music singer schedules a private concert at the Cunningham Village Retirement Community, but when a young woman is murdered, Sarah and her cohorts are hot on the case.

Aging with grace and spunk, Sarah takes on everything from quilting and friendship to murders and the demands of the twenty-first century with aplomb in this fun cozy mystery series.

And, as always, this eleventh installment of the quilting cozy mystery series, offers lots of quilting and includes the pattern for the cover quilt.

I apologize for the past six weeks of blog silence. I’ve been very busy, but you might be pleased with what I’ve been busy doing. I’ll just give you this one hint: Beneath Missouri Stars may not be the last you see of Sarah and Sophie!

I want to welcome all my new followers. When you have a few minutes, please read through some of my previous blogs where I’ve not only talked about the books but also my own quilting. (See Menu for Blog Posts).

I wish you incredible holidays and please keep the emails coming. I love hearing from my readers and blog followers. Leave comments below or just drop me a line on QuiltingCozy@gmail.com.

My very best wishes to all,

To preorder Beneath Missouri Stars from Amazon at the guaranteed price, click here: Beneath Missouri Stars: a quilting cozy (book #11).

Carol Dean

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About Carol Dean Jones, Author, Quilting Cozy serieshttp://caroldeanjones.comI am a retired geriatric social worker, avid quilter, and author of A Quilting Cozy series published by C&T Publishing.

12 thoughts on “Exciting News! Sarah and Sophie are at it again…

  1. Please keep the series coming. It is the perfect reading as I crawl in bed at night to relax before bed. I’ve loved each one!

  2. So happy to hear this news.   Your quilting is awesome, but…so is your writing.   Will certainly be looking forward to Sarah and Sophie once again.   I have read all of your books to date, and enjoy them immensely.   So again, looking forward to this publication in May.    

    • Hi Carolyn, I so appreciate the loyalty you have shown over the years. When I’m writing, it’s just me and my computer, and it’s such a reward to hear from readers who enjoy the books and continue to stand by me. My very best wishes to you, Carolyn. Have great holidays and I look forward to hearing how you like the book. (QuiltingCozy@gmail.com). Carol

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