Where to from here?

Readers of my Quilting Cozy series continue to ask if there will be a #11, and I never know what to say. As you probably know, Books 1-10 have been picked up by a publisher and will be reissued during 2018 with new covers, a fun addition, and a whole new distribution plan.

But what about a Book #11? I’ve made a number of attempts and have written  (and rewritten) five or six chapters, making numerous changes and generally struggling with it. I’m beginning to think that perhaps the story of Sarah and her retirement community friends just might have reached its conclusion. Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye.

How about something new? Simultaneously,  I’ve been playing with another idea, and have five or six chapters of that one in draft form as well. It’s tentatively entitled Glimpses and you’ll see why in a moment.

The setting is current day, and the main character is a forty-year-old single mother in the process of closing down the estate of her reclusive grandmother. There are quilts, of course, a nutty neighbor, an annoying yet persistent ex-husband, and a fourteen-year-old girl whom you will recognize if you ever had a teenage daughter.

Oh, and also there’s a delightful, fun-loving young flapper from the 1920s who keeps everyone on their toes (an ethereal being, of course). I promise that we are not talking about a scary ghost — just a young apparition with a reason to stick around.

What do you think? Would you object to a change of pace?

I’d love to hear what my current readers, potential readers, followers, and friends think of these ramblings. Please comment below.  I look forward to hearing from you!



Floating Blocks

I don’t have my borders on yet, but I’m so eager to share this project that I’m going to go ahead and post a preview. This has been such fun to make!


I’m not sure where this design originated. I saw a picture of a similar one and worked out the pattern. And, needless to say, I’m using my Kaffe Fassett collection again. I love the way this quilt appears to be three dimensional.

borderI’ve ordered Kaffe Fassett’s Lotus Leaf Purple for the border and am considering a plain inner border of turquoise.

It’s long and thin so I’ll use it on my guest bed (twin) and will post a picture once it’s complete and quilted.

Just wanted to show it off. It’s a fun quilt and I’m obviously totally addicted to Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Please share and see if you can get me a few more followers. Have an incredible 2018!


My Kaffe Fassett quilt is finished!

…and here it is all quilted and bound. The inspiration for this throw came from Kaffe Fassett’s book, Quilts in Ireland (2017), page 58. He did it in red and included the directions for a queen-sized quilt. I made mine smaller and am planning to decorate my very blue living room with his colorful fabrics.  

IMG_2588I ordered the fabric for the back online and didn’t realize it would be primarily fuchsia,  but this gives me an alternative look which will be very dramatic with my blue walls and furniture.


Most of my time lately has been spent attempting to train my very active little puppy who passed his pet store training with flying colors, but it didn’t seem to take in the long run. I’ve had young ones before, but never one that was this active.  Last week we started classes with a canine behaviorist.  (Would you believe it? My dog has a therapist).

IMG_2371bAnd yes, he’s adorable, and that’s how he gets away with so much! He’s 9 months old, weighs 8 pounds and is an Imperial Shih Tzu. He won’t get much bigger.

His older brother Toby (11 year old Shih Tzu) is still questioning why this addition to our household was necessary.


Please take a look around the rest of the website, leave me lots of comments, and have a fantastic week. Thank you for following my blog.  Carol

Book #2 – Running Stitches FREE on Amazon – October 21-22

Running StitchesThis coming weekend, October 21st and 22nd, Amazon will be offering the Kindle eBook version of Running Stitches: A Quilting Cozy (Book #2) FREE.  You don’t need to have read the first book (Tie Died: A Quilting Cozy (Book #1) if you’d like to start with the second in the series.  Although most of the characters in my quilting series are in their seventies, Running Stitches introduces a 14-year old girl with tremendous perseverance as she fights to survive, alone and homeless.  Her father, from his prison cell, enlists the help of his friends in Cunningham Village retirement community to find his missing daughter. Sarah and her feisty cohort, Sophie, promise to do just that, but that promise may have been premature. Running Stitches offers mystery, excitement, fun, a touch of romance, family, friends, lots of quilting, and it’s FREE!

Never Yellow


I’ve never been a yellow person. Blues, reds, lavender, and even the occasional green or brown, but never yellow. Kaffe Fassett has changed all that for me. I found these two fabrics on the left and decided they should become the border and sashing of a scrappy quilt using a variety of his fabrics cut into 6″ squares. I then began collecting the scraps and laid them out to see how they looked together. I’m pleased and I’m ready to begin stitching. My tastes seem to be totally changing as I approach my 80th birthday. What a surprise!