The Rescue Quilt – Part 2

In my last blog, I told you about the raffle quilt I’m making for a local animal shelter as a fundraiser. I promised to show you the finished product, but I’m having so much fun with these blocks that I really wanted to share them with you along the way. So, here are the first few blocks that I’ve made.

Then I decided to make a few with flat roofs and will add cats perched on top like the puppy below.

I wanted to share these few pictures with you…

…and one thought: Just think what an impact quilters could have on homelessness among our furry friends. My last raffle quilt, which I donated to a no-kill shelter in North Carolina, provided a new roof for their facility and helped in the placement of a number of dogs and cats.

This can be done simply by checking with your local rescue facility and see if they would like to conduct a raffle as a fundraiser. Chances are they’ll say yes. It can be done by your whole group or simply by an individual. And as quilters, I can promise you this quilt is great fun to create. Please leave comments and let me know your thoughts and ideas.

And when you’re not quilting or playing with your furry friends, please take a look at my Quilting Cozy series: (Available on – and in book stores nationwide.)

About Carol Dean Jones, Author, Quilting Cozy serieshttp://caroldeanjones.comI am a retired geriatric social worker, avid quilter, and author of A Quilting Cozy series published by C&T Publishing.

24 thoughts on “The Rescue Quilt – Part 2

  1. Carol,
    Thank you so much for Quilting Cozy Series. I was at our local library looking for something to read that involved quilting and found yours. Now am reading number 10, have really enjoyed all the books in series, feel drawn into the life of Sarah. Keep the series going!
    I only make small projects (ornaments) and like to buy scrap fabric at local quilt stores.

  2. Carol, I love your books. They are so easy to read and relate to the characters. I just finished book #5 and am waiting for 6,7, and 8 to arrive today. Love the rescue quilt. You are a true inspiration to everyone.

    • Jeanne, what a love;y message! It made me smile.
      I’m so glad you are enjoying the books and are relating to the characters. They actually feel like friends to me. If you poked around on my website, you may have seen that I wrote Tie Died (#1) when I was 75. I often wish I had started writing earlier, but perhaps that was the right time. Perhaps I had to live into my senior years before I could talk about them, although I worked with seniors throughout my working years and was raised by my grandparents before that. Anyway, thank you for your note. I have an 11th book in the works. Please let me know how you like the rest. Are you a quilter?
      Best wishes,

  3. Carol, you are a true artist in your quilting! These are so beautiful. I can see and feel your passion for animals. I just love all your books. Read them all about a year ago and am thinking that re- reading since they are so good. Will look forward to your new story when it’s done.

    • Thank you, Debbie, for your encouraging words. It’s that kind of feedback that keeps me writing. I’ve actually been thinking about reading the whole series from the beginning myself. Over the years I’m starting to forget some of the short-term characters that need to make an appearance. As for the quilt, I don’t know when I’ve had so much fun. Today I ordered cat fabric (really hard to find realistic cats) and plan to applique a few on just to keep the dogs on their toes. Thank you again for contacting me and sharing such kind thoughts.
      My very best wishes,

  4. I absolutely love the rescue quilt! I think I have the dog print fabric in my “stash”. I just discovered your books thanks to a member of my small quilt group. I read #1 and was hooked! I just ordered #2. I look forward to reading them all. It would be great if you would make the pattern for the rescue quilt available. We have two rescue kitties and pet sit with several rescue dogs while their owners are on vacation or a family crisis comes along. Thank you for the inspirational books!

    • Hi Marcie, That’s an excellent suggestion. I’ve been thinking about that since I posted the blocks. I will write it up and put it into my next blog. There has been lots of interest in making rescue quilts. (You’ll enjoy Book #7 – The Rescue Quilt – but read them in order. The back story develops over time…) I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. I loved writing them and am currently working on a #11. Please stay in touch and let me know you like the rest of them.
      My very best wishes, Carol

  5. Carol, these blocks are absolutely delightful! I love the pink tree and flowers in the last block. So adorable, and yes a worthy cause! The animals love you for doing this for them! And everyone would love having a pattern to make their own “dog homes”. Keep on creating and writing!

  6. Thank you dear sister for caring so much not just for your two precious pups but all animals. There are so many who can benefit from such generous gestures as offering a quilt for a raffle to raise money. This one is FABULOUS as I know from seeing the squares during my last visit! It will be a wonderful money raiser and addition to some lucky person’s home too. You are one talented lady and I’m proud that you’re my sister!

    Love, Pam

    • Thank you, Debbie. I’m definitely having a ball with this. Tonight I made my last block and will move on to placement and sashing. I’m going to miss creating these blocks. As for #11, it’s in the works…currently being read by my personal editor before sending it off to the publisher. You will be one of the first to know because I’ll get the word out on the blog for my friends and readers the moment I know something. I want to thank you for being a loyal reader, Debbie. Please keep in touch through the website or by email: Best wishes, Carol

  7. Wow! I love the quilt blocks. What a tribute to the furry critters and those who love them and support the agencies! You have inspired me to contact my local agency and offer a quilt for raffle! I love your books and have read the first six!!!!! Great reads….you allow us to jump right in and become friends with all the characters. I just ordered the next four from Connecting Threads and can’t wait to get them! You are truly an inspiration in so many ways! Happy Quilting and please continue the Wonderful Writing!!
    Best regards, Dawn Lunn

    • Dawn, what a lovely comment you left for me. You made my day. Thank you so very much for all the encouragement. You’ll be pleased with the next book in the series: it’s The Rescue Quilt and very timely! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. I’ve had a great time writing it. I have a #11 in the works but I don’t know how long it will take the publisher to get it out. I hope you’ll stay in touch. Best wishes, Carol

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