Floating Blocks

I don’t have my borders on yet, but I’m so eager to share this project that I’m going to go ahead and post a preview. This has been such fun to make!


I’m not sure where this design originated. I saw a picture of a similar one and worked out the pattern. And, needless to say, I’m using my Kaffe Fassett collection again. I love the way this quilt appears to be three dimensional.

borderI’ve ordered Kaffe Fassett’s Lotus Leaf Purple for the border and am considering a plain inner border of turquoise.

It’s long and thin so I’ll use it on my guest bed (twin) and will post a picture once it’s complete and quilted.

Just wanted to show it off. It’s a fun quilt and I’m obviously totally addicted to Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Please share and see if you can get me a few more followers. Have an incredible 2018!


Tie Died free downloads – a success!

1,100 free copies of Tie Died: A Quilting Cozy were downloaded this weekend during Amazon’s two-day special! How exciting! Lots of new readers are getting to know Sarah and her cohorts in the retirement community while following their many escapades as they solve mysteries and quilt together.

sophie's hexEach book explores another aspect of quilting through the eyes of Sarah and her friends. In the first book, Tie Died, Sarah (hoping to preserve her husband’s ties) learns to quilt at the local fabric shop. In later books, she explores the historical aspect of quilts during the civil war, particularly those quilts designed to identify safe houses along the underground trail. At a quilt show, she learns how batiks are made, and on a quilting cruise, she explores paper piecing.  Her fun-loving, boisterous friend Sophie resists quilting until she stumbles upon the art of piecing hexagons and then she’s hooked!

Those of you who are new to the series, welcome. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. And to my loyal readers, thank you for spending time in Cunningham Village following the antics of this group of endearing friends.

There’s always one more project…

I tried to stick with the two quilt projects I’m currently working on, but since both of my machines are in the shop, I picked up one of my favorite quilt books, Kaffe Fassett’s Quilts in Ireland, and began innocently thumbing through the glorious pictures. Well, within a few hours I was in the sewing room, cutting 6 1/2″ squares from my Kaffe collection. Pencil and paper in hand, I sketched out my next quilt using primarily my yellows. I then ordered his ochre dots for sashing and a bright ochre and yellow for the border.  More fabric.

When I saw my first Kaffe Fassett quilt at a quilt show perhaps fifteen years ago, I was not impressed. “Too busy,” I said. Perhaps his designs grow on you, or maybe they’ve just improved over the years, but I now love to work with them and thumb through his beautifully illustrated books.

So I now have three open (‘current’) projects in my sewing room. I have each one in a basket to keep them apart and will joyfully go from one to the other depending on my mood. Now that’s not to suggest I only have three UFOs. There are more in the closet, all their parts contained in baskets as well, but they don’t count because I’m not currently working on them! (get it?)

We quilters are good at kidding ourselves. We can always justify one more fabric purchase or one more project. Keep on quilting!

(BTW, here is one of the projects waiting in the closet. This should be next!)