It’s been almost a year since we bought that first supply of toilet paper and disinfectant while hoping we bought enough to last a few months. Who would have thought we’d be using that disinfectant and wearing masks a year later.

We’ve learned a great deal since that day nearly a year ago and our lives are changed in many ways. Regretfully, some have lost loved ones and we pray for them and their families. Some struggle to pay the mortgage having lost jobs and businesses. Many are unable to visit their relatives, particularly the elderly ones, while others find themselves spending more time at home with their family. Board games have been pulled out of the closet, families rediscover the joy of eating meals together, and we’ve learned how pleasant a simple walk can be. Our lives are forever changed.

I knew I’d be homebound for the duration and would need a way to spend my time and I thought about baby quilts. They are small projects and offer opportunity to try out patterns and new skills. For example, just last night I hemmed my first quilt successfully by machine (after numerous unsuccessful attempts). When you look at the pictures you will see some with lovely intricate quilting patterns and I’ll have to admit that all of those went out to my friend and long-arm quilter. I just can’t seem to get free-motion quilting no matter how many YouTubes I watch!

I thought one of the advantages of this project would be making a dent in my stash. But as it turned out, I ended up ADDING to my stash instead of reducing it. I explored all of my favorite online fabric stores for child-friendly fabrics and found dozens that I couldn’t resist. So I will stop rambling now and show you some of the results of my past year in the quilt room:

This is one of my early straight line quilting. I got better with time — still waiting for the learning curve to kick in.

The next three are flannel, front and back. Incredibly soft.

Then I started thinking about the slightly older child who was watching all these gifts coming in for the new baby and it occurred to me that I should offer something for that child. Thus the ‘I Spy’ collection (which has turned out to be the most fun of all!) Friends jumped right in to help me by giving me piles of scraps with pictures for my I Spy blocks.

I’m using this fabric on the back of all the I Spy quilts just for a little added interest. Of course, being a repeating design, Washington state appears just SOUTH of Arizona, but that will be a teacher’s problem to resolve some day.

I still don’t know what I’m going to do with these quilts. I have about twenty-five at this point. I was going to open an Etsy shop but quilts lose so much of their charm in photos. Quilts need to be touched and fondled. Some of the ones above are flannel and are so-o-o soft. I think I would like to try having a table at a craft show once it’s safe to be out in the world.

If anyone knows how I can accept credit cards at a craft table, please drop me a line at QuiltingCozy@gmail.com and let me know. I see lots of ads but don’t have any idea how to decide what would be best for the few and intermittent sales I would be making. Your personal experience would be appreciated.

These may well end up being donations. As long as they end up wrapped around a baby, I’ll be happy.

Take care, my dear friends. Be safe and keep quilting (or reading). If you haven’t signed up for the full set drawing, please go back to the previous blog and sign up. Comments on this blog don’t get counted for the drawing but I hope you’ll leave comments here too. As you know, I love hearing from each and every one of you! Best wishes to all. Carol

About Carol Dean Jones, Author, Quilting Cozy serieshttp://caroldeanjones.comI am a retired geriatric social worker, avid quilter, and author of A Quilting Cozy series published by C&T Publishing.

30 thoughts on “QUILTS FOR BABY & TODDLER

  1. Carol these quilts are just the sweetest treasures. I’m sure each baby/toddler will feel the love you put in to creating them. Your quilting looks great. Square is the device that can hook up to your phone or iPad and you can even get the little receipt printer from Apple if you have an iPhone. That’s what my physiotherapists and my favourite quilt shop use.

  2. Hi Carol! What a wonderful collection of eye candy for us to enjoy today. Thank you for sharing them with us. I am particularly drawn to the I Spy quilt – it has lots of fun fabrics. Good luck finding the best venue for your quilts. I have an Etsy shop but sales are few and far between – like you said, pictures don’t tell the whole story for a quilt and are quite lacking. It’s been quite a year. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Hi Roseanne, I love making the I Spy quilts…definitely my favorites. Such fun choosing the fabrics and searching for things in the stash to fussy cut. I got the idea for this when I was picturing the little sibling watching the new baby getting all these neat gifts and I realized I needed to make something for the slightly older brother or sister.
      Thank you for your comments.
      Best wishes,

  3. Oooh, flannel front and back. I’ve never tried that. I use it on the back of most of my Quilts, but not the front. I love the way you did your I spy quilts with the 4 patch broken up by the sashing. It let’s the eye rest so one can actually take in the scenes. I don’t think I have seen it this way before.
    Have a great week.

    • Hi Marcia, I don’t know if it would be too heavy for Texas, but they are wonderfully soft and cuddly. I’ve considered putting flannel in the middle instead of cotton batting to cut down a bit on the bulk but the quilting looks wonderful on the flannel ones as you can see from the pictures. My I Spys are my favorites to make. Such fun!!
      Thanks for your comments, Marcia.

  4. Carol, I would love to buy one of your baby quilts. Can you tell me the cost? I would be happy to send a check and have you hold the quilt until the check clears. I’m especially taken with the one with the red foxes on it.

    Loved seeing all of them, thanks for the pictures. Wanda


  5. Oh, Carol, all of these are quite delightful! Any child would love these quilts. Your talents know no bounds! You take ideas and create your own spin on them. I love all of your books and I love the inspiration in your quilts. Keep on quilting, keeping your mind sharp and hands busy! I miss being able to get together with you, being with you and all of your inspiration. I am so privileged to call you Friend! Joyce

  6. Good morning Carol!!!!! Oh my word am I thankful you did not ask us to pick a favorite. These are absolutely
    exquisite. You know I like anything with kitties. I love the I Spy quilts too. Well done my very very talented friend. How clever the straight line quilting. I love the look and will be a copy cat on my next project.
    I hope this note finds you and the pups well. BTW I commend W. Va on their vaccine roll out.
    All the other states need to take a closer look. We both have had one vaccine. My husband’s 2nd Pfizer is at 9:30 and Feb 8. Mine is on Feb 22.

    Now for the question about how to receive payments for you quilts if you are able to participate in a craft show:
    our hair dresser has a Smart phone. About a year or so ago she bought some type of small device that plugs into the side of the phone. Debt or charge cards slide thru it…I don’t know much about how is actually works but maybe your phone provider could assist.

    I hope this will help…at least point you to a possible solution.
    Hugs and my best wishes to you. Pam sent me this link…I have signed up to receive notifications at new posts.
    PS you might receive this twice my first attempt didn’t post.

    • So good to hear from you, Cecilia. I hope you’ve been well through these rough times. We are not ‘me and the dogs’ anymore…just me and dog. I lost my little Toby this past summer and Casey and I were very sad for a long time but we are getting accustomed to being a one-dog family. One dog is definitely easier but I’ll always love my little Toby.
      I appreciate your info regarding the device for the phone. Someone else mentioned the same sort of thing and I’ll start doing computer searches. I want that in place before the first craft show.
      Please stay in touch.

      • Carol I am so very sorry to read about Toby’s passing….they are always in our hearts…sending hugs
        I watch a program on PBS I think call Quilting Arts. Recently I watched one about free motion quilting. I ordered a free motion quilting ruler foot and a ruler foot echo guide 3 piece set all by Westalee Designs.
        They will be here in a few days I’ll let you know how I like them. This was quite an interesting episode on Quilting arts

  7. Carol this year of isolation was not “lost” on you – you kept doing what you do best…..writing and quilting and being creative and just look at the beautiful things you’ve created. I hope soon you can get that chance at a crafting venue where people can purchase these gorgeous quilts! I think each one is incredibly special in its’ own way……..you are amazing but then I already knew that being your sister!

    Love, Pam

  8. Your quilts are so cute. I especially like the first one with the woodland animals and the diagonal 4 patches. We just moved into a new house January 1st and today I spent a lot of time organizing my sewing room. So next week I think I’ll actually be ready to sew!! Stay safe.

    • Setting up a new sewing room is such fun!! Everything is organized and easy to find and it lasts for a week or so at least….just until you get into that first project. But it’s always fun mostly because you get to touch all the fabric and be inspired. I loved that woodland one also. Thank you for your comments.

  9. Beautiful job on all your quilts! Looks like you’ve kept very busy! I have quite a stash of baby/toddler fabric purchased over the last 5-8 years. One of my daughters just had a precious baby girl this week! I finished a quilt for her and mailed it today 🙂 She didn’t like any of my fabric, so I purchased material she picked out. I’m thinking my fabric stash might become donation quilts for foster children. My oldest daughter has adopted 2 babies (sibblings) after fostering them, so she would possibly have a good contact for me. As for your credit card question, I’ve purchased from small establishments which were using “Square”? , I think. It was a little white square thing attached to their laptop. They just swiped my card through the square and the receipt was sent to my email. Not sure of the cost to the business…..but maybe you’d want to check it out.

    • Ah and now I have a name to google! SQUARE. I’ve heard of that and will pursue that right away. I really want to be set up and ready when the opportunity comes. It may be a long time yet before we open up but perhaps an outside venue would be possible in the spring or summer. You must be so proud of your daughter. What a wonderful thing to do and especially keeping the siblings together.
      I recently donated much of the stash to the local senior center that makes donation items. I’m beginning to feel a need to downsize the sewing room.
      Thank you for your comments.

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