Free Books – A Quilting Cozy series

On October 15th, 2019, one lucky follower of this blog will win a complete set of the Quilting Cozy series, Books 1-10 by Carol Dean Jones. The winner will receive a signed, print copy of each of the ten books in the series as pictured above.

These books are cozy mysteries which, as you may know, are light mysteries centered around a group of friends involved in a hobby and who see themselves as amateur sleuths. Cozies are about relationships as much as the mystery and the friends in this series are active senior citizens living in a lively retirement village. Their main hobby, aside from solving mysteries, is quilting. These books are relaxing, involve no explicit sex or violence, and are fun to read.

All you need to do in order to be eligible for the random drawing is to leave a comment below. Tell me something about yourself, your reading habits, your hobbies…or tell me nothing at all except that you’d like to be including in the drawing. (The winner will be notified by the email on file so don’t include any personal contact information in your comments).

If you’ve already read the series, you might like them as a gift for a friend.

Or, you might want to reread them in preparation for Book #11 which will be coming out in the spring — stay tuned for more information!!

The random drawing will be held on October 15th, 2019, at 5pm EST.  The winner will be notified immediately by email.

About Carol Dean Jones, Author, Quilting Cozy serieshttp://caroldeanjones.comI am a retired geriatric social worker, avid quilter, and author of A Quilting Cozy series published by C&T Publishing.

123 thoughts on “Free Books – A Quilting Cozy series

  1. Looking for good reads for this winter. Having diabetes, I don’t read as much as I’d like. This series sounds perfect! My 88 yr old MIL is an avid reader and I know she’d like these also. I could quilt all day and read every evening. Sounds blissful to me!! Hope I win!!

  2. A friend and I are novist quilt makers making quilts for Veterans who are in Veterans homes and others going into hospice care. I would love to read your books and get some new ideas.

  3. I would enjoy reading the books. I am in two book clubs. One group just read The Farmer’s Son by John Connell. The other group is reading Different Seasons by Stephen King. I also enjoy quilting, sewing, and sudoku.

  4. Oh I love quilt mystery series! I am a longarm quilter. I quilt for my friends and guild members! Not a professional. Just enjoy it! Love kitties. Especially black ones! So excited to read your series!!!!

  5. Two big loves I have- reading and sewing/quilting. Being a teacher assistant in a middle school I secretly wish for a couple of really good snow days to curl up on my couch to read or sew ( don’t tell my colleagues that I wish for snow days).😊

  6. I love to quilt. I like to read for an hour before bedtime. If I don’t schedule a time to read I won’t find the time. I thank you for the chance to win these good clean books.

  7. I’m a new quilter and I’m loving it. In my down time I like to read. I’m always looking for a good book without nasty words, sex or blood & guts. I’m definitely going to look for your books!

  8. Oh my! So glad I found you! Just retired ( pediatric nurse) and just learning how to quilt. So excited to find good instructional books! I NEED ALL the HELP I can get! Thank you !

  9. I am new to making quilts and I would love to win this book so it would help me so I could do this so much better trying to make quilts for all my grandbabies and my great grandbabies and all my nieces and nephews and thank you so much I can pick my name and have a blessed day

  10. I am a quilter of thirty plus years. I also love gardening and propagating plants. I love to read mysteries and would love to have yours to read also! I just retired last year and am loving it.

  11. I am a beginning quilter, and love it. I am also an avid reader and would love to combine my 2 interests. Will be checking out these books whether I win or not.

  12. I love to go to quilt shows and love the couple that I have from a family member who them. I love to crochet, wish I could learn to make quilted pillow covers at least. Would love to read these books and share them with others in our 55+ community.

  13. I’m a quiltmaker, Longarm quilter. I love to read, fish, quilt, cook. Etc. I’ve not heard of this series and would love to relax and read them!

  14. I am an avid reader and book collector, as well as a quilted and small quilt shop owner. When I read an author’s work, I start from the first of a series and work my way through it.

    I’d love to get lost in your series and share it with my fellow quilters.

  15. I love cozy mysteries but have not read any of these. I am always happy to find a new series and a new author. I am picturing a delightful winter curled up, warm and cozy, reading these books!

  16. I’m a new quilter, just started learning to keep myself occupied after finally accepting my (new to me) disabilities, and getting the ok from my doctors.
    I joined a local guild and am inspired by the ladies there, several are in their 90s, one is over 100, and they still quilt!
    I love reading and recently discovered your first book
    I adored it😀
    Have the rest of your series on my wish list, hoping my children would get some for me, but, if course, would love to win these, to free up my wish list for more fabric😂
    Right now, I buy most of my fabric from thrift stores

  17. I have been quilting for many years. Because of arthritis this hobby which I love is coming to an end. Realizing that, I have decided to become an avid reader. These books will keep me in love with my hobby.

  18. Quilter – reader – crafter – I admit because of medical issues i do not spend as much time as i would love quilting – reading and crafting. Even if i am not chosen i have been given a list of books to read. Whoever wins will be very lucky… Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  19. I’m still new to quilting and would love you read and have your books to reference. Gets confusing and frustrating sometime watching videos!

  20. Hi, I love to crochet, crafting, and reading. These books look great. Someone is going be blessed. Thanks for the chance.

  21. Have been quilting for years and love reading, these would be perfect. My birthday is Oct 16, would be a great gift to me. Thanks for the chance to be a winner.

  22. I’m not a very good sewing person but love to make quilts. They are my art, they get better and better every time I try and make one.

  23. I am absolutely mesmerized by all the beautiful quilts I see. My mother and my best friend both love to make quilts, and I want to start, but am just so intimidated by the whole process. Maybe these books would give me the courage to start quilting.

  24. I would love to win these books and be able to read them as I just found out I have breast cancer and will will be starting treatment soon. It would help my days pass by. Thank you. Wish I could win.

  25. I love to quilt & reading any quilt related stories are my favorite. If it’s a mystery that’s even better! Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Would love to receive your books. Hard to find good, interesting books to read that don’t have a lot of violence and bad language.

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