Quilting Cozy Blog Tour Wrap Up and Free eBooks

I received my first rejection letter when I was eight. 

My grandmother submitted a story I had written about a little girl suffering a dreadful disease which, after much worry and wringing of hands turned out to be measles. Okay, so eight was a very innocent and naïve age in the 1940s before television and the internet. (What was my grandmother thinking!)

I must have been devastated by that rejection letter because I didn’t try again until I was seventy-five years old, and then only because of the advent of self-publishing. Unlike my earlier experience, my first book was well accepted, and I continued to write.

Just before my 80th birthday, I was contacted by C&T Publishing with an offer to publish what had become a 10-book series.

The first eight books of my Quilt Cozy series have now been re-released by C&T, and here we are at the end of my first Blog Tour. Four incredible people participated by writing blogs centered around my Quilting Cozy series.

Before I go on, I want to thank all of you: Deirdre Quirk, Bonnie Hunter, Barbara Chojnacki, and Bernie Kringel for the time and effort you put into this project. Your blogs were interesting, informative, and presented my books as I had intended. I very much appreciate your help in getting the word out to our fellow quilters and cozy readers. 

When I sat down to write that first book, Tie Died: a quilting cozy, I had no intention of writing a series. I simply wanted to write about senior citizens adjusting to life in a retirement community. After growing up with my grandparents and thirty years as a geriatric social worker, I wanted to write about seniors making the most of their retirement years.

And, of course, my characters had to be quilters! And there had to be a local quilt shop, and a quilt club, and quilt shows, not to mention vintage quilts, feedsack fabric, out-of-control stash, and…well, you know the rest.

I also wanted to integrate some of the challenges of growing old and show people facing those challenges in different ways. For contrast, I added Sophie Ward and her purple elephant pajamas to keep the mood light and Charles, the handsome retired detective, to suggest the possibility of romance after seventy.

So one book grew to three, then six and now ten.

Each book brings in one or two new characters, but the basic friends remain constant. Many readers have told me that these characters have become like friends to them and I must admit that they are my friends as well. I intend to keep writing about their escapades because I need to continue to give them life. They matter to me, and I think they will matter to you as well.

FREE EBOOKS: To get you hooked, I’m giving away free ebook copies of every book in the series to one lucky winner! That’s right, ten free ebooks! You can enter the giveaway by leaving a comment on this post saying that you’d like to be in the running. I’d like to hear if you’re a quilter but it’s not necessary to win. Next Monday (12/10/2018) at 12 noon eastern time a random winner will be chosen and notified.

Please visit the bloggers who participated in this Blog Tour (listed below). And again, thank you Deirdre, Bonnie, Barbara, and Bernie for helping to spread the word about the Quilting Cozy series.

C&T Publishing Blog 

Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville

Barbara Chojnacki at Six Gables Designs 

Bernie Kringel at Needle & Foot

Also, if you haven’t already done so, please sign up to follow my blog so that we can stay in touch.

To purchase books, click here 

Wishing you a safe and joyful holiday season
About Carol Dean Jones, Author, Quilting Cozy serieshttp://caroldeanjones.comI am a retired geriatric social worker, avid quilter, and author of A Quilting Cozy series published by C&T Publishing.

66 thoughts on “Quilting Cozy Blog Tour Wrap Up and Free eBooks

  1. Love this post Carol! It is so nice to hear more about you and I feel sad for your eight year old self!! But look at. you now, a published author with TEN books written and enjoyed by so many. You are inspiring all of us as we move up in years (I just turned 58) and learn that life just keeps getting better. 🙂

  2. I have always been an enormous reader of all types of books. I’m so delighted to learn about this series of cozy mysteries – yahoo!! I am a quilter and have been a seamstress since I was a child – and now I’m nearly 64! Both activities have seen me through a LOT of trials and tribulations and kept me on an even keel! Yay for you and CTPub for letting us all know about your books. I look forward to reading them!


  3. Reading is a great adventure! And coupled with quilting, it’s truly bound to be a great read! This is a wonderful opportunity to do both.

  4. Quilting, reading especially cozy mysteries, and gardening are my favourite things. As winter is here gardening is replaced by more reading. Would love to win your books and read them on my Kindle.

  5. I don’t quilt, but I’m a friend of Carol’s…..we used to work together. I have to tell you she’s as good a friend as she is a quilter and a cozy writer. Long live her 80s and beyond!!! 🙂

  6. Your series sound like my kind of reading. There must be a lot of people who quilt and like mysteries because I’ve read most of the other ones out there. I’m excited to be introduced to you and your writing. Best wishes!

  7. Oh I can’t wait to start reading your series. I love to quilt and just started about 5 years ago at the age of 67. Now I have a small stack of quilts which will probably be donated at some point. Getting ready for shoulder surgery next week so I guess my quilting will be put on hold for a few months, so it sounds like a wonderful time to read!!

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