A Chat with Pat Sloan

Hello friends,

Earlier this week I enjoyed a chat with Pat Sloan on her weekly radio program, American Patchwork and Quilting Radio.  We discussed my writing and in particular my Quilting Cozy series. Needless to say, I was nervous, but Pat made the whole thing painless.

If you would like to listen to the podcast, please click on the picture below. (My portion is only 12  minutes long.)

Pat #399

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About Carol Dean Jones, Author, Quilting Cozy serieshttp://caroldeanjones.comI am a retired geriatric social worker, avid quilter, and author of A Quilting Cozy series published by C&T Publishing.

5 thoughts on “A Chat with Pat Sloan

  1. I just heard about your books and would love to try them! I am an avid reader and quilter…so I am sure I will love them! Thanks so much:)


  2. What a wonderful interview! I learned something new about you. Can’t recall ever hearing about how you got started into quilting, so that was fun to find out. Pat Sloan seems like a really nice gal. This mystery writing has really taken you to some very interesting places.


  3. Fun listening.   So glad to hear you.   I have loved your books from the get-go, and every now and then I look to see if there has been another one.    


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