The Future of Quilting Cozies

??????????I wanted to let my blog followers and readers know that I’m in the process of negotiating with a publisher who is interested in publishing my ten-book series, A Quilting Cozy. As you probably know, I am currently self-published and the series is only available on Amazon at this time. The new publisher reaches a broad audience of quilters and crafty folks and I’m excited about the new exposure. I’ll keep you informed as this project progresses.

I appreciate all the support I’ve had from all my readers. I hope to add to the series once this is finalized and the series has been reissued (projected for Spring 2018).

I hope you’ve had a great summer. My very best wishes. Please keep in touch!

Carol Dean Jones

About Carol Dean Jones, Author, Quilting Cozy serieshttp://caroldeanjones.comI am a retired geriatric social worker, avid quilter, and author of A Quilting Cozy series published by C&T Publishing.

20 thoughts on “The Future of Quilting Cozies

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and while it’s a romantic story, it is without that ‘gratuitous sex’ scene that so many books have. You have written stories that really could happen! As well, your style is definitely ‘can’t put down’. I have recommended this series to others. Thank you.

    • Maureen, thank you for your kind comments. I chose the ‘cozy’ format for exactly the reasons you mention. A cozy is generally defined as a gentle mystery, no explicit sex, violence, or unsavory language. The crime, if violent, takes place off stage. The person solving the mystery in a cozy is generally involved in some sort of hobby — in our case, quilting. Other cozies might involve cooking, knitting, or even pets. At age 79 I find myself preferring to read cozies. I’m glad you are enjoying my Quilting Cozy series. I hope to keep adding adventures. My very best wishes. Carol

  2. Hi Carol–I’ve read every one of your series & can’t wait to find out about Sophie & Sarah. Congratulations on your book deal! I know all the new readers will enjoy the books as much as I have! Julie

  3. Hi Carol,
    I emailed you a several weeks back to tell you how much I’m enjoying your series. I live in Louisville KY. I really appreciated your responding back to my email. I LOVE reading all your books and am just starting to read Book 10. Hopefully there will be many more to follow!! There was one book, I think book 8, which was in a smaller print, which was more difficult for me to read. I really appreciated the font size used in the other 9 books 🙂 I had just finished taking apart an antique family quilt (just to see what was used for batting) just prior to reading Tattered and Torn. What a wonderful coincidence. Inside of my OLD comforter I found 2 even older patch worked quilts as well as a piece of a man’s cotton jacket sleeve and part of the ribbing from the bottom. I felt so close to the grandmother I never knew and possibly 1-2 generations before her. I would love to see the Cunningham village series continue, as they feel like close friends 🙂 Congratulations on your new contract!

    • Jane, what a fascinating message! I can’t imagine how you must have felt finding the two older quilts and the jacket sleeve inside your family quilt! There’s no telling how old the hidden ones might be since the quilter was willing to use them as batting. With your permission, I think this story belongs in a future book! And I appreciate your comment about the print size. I’ve discussed that with the publisher and they agree that all future books should be in an easily readable size. Please keep in touch – – or right here on the blog. Very best wishes, Carol

  4. Dear Carol,

    Congratulations on your publishing endeavors! I do hope you will be including posts on your quilts and quilting activities in the near future. I would love to see more of your lovely quilting work here.

    Thank you for visiting me today!

    On the Farmlet

    • Hi Lynda, that’s exactly what I have planned as my next step. I want to add a menu item “Quilts” and put some of my completed ones on and blog about the ones I’m working on. I usually have two or three going at a time just for variety. I’ve been collecting soiled or damaged embroidered dresser scarves from flea markets, trimming them back, and putting them into churn dash blocks for a quilt. I love preserving someone else’s hard work. I’ll get some of those on the blog soon. Thanks for leaving me a note. I look forward to hearing from you again. Best wishes. Carol

  5. So happy for you! Your quilting cozy books have been so much to fun to read over the last few years. I am an older lady who recently retired from my career and your characters in the series have given me a boost of spirit that I can still do lots to stay active and quilting! I will be looking forward to a new book next year. Blessings to you. Charlotte

    • I appreciate your good wishes, Charlotte, and am so pleased that my books have brought you pleasure and encouraged you to stay active. It’s so important for us as we grow older. In addition to quilting, I’ve signed up to learn to play the dulcimer in the spring! I’ve never touched a musical instrument — this should be quite an adventure! If you remember, in Moon in Over the Mountain Sarah was fascinated with the young woman who played the dulcimer in the parking lot outside the retreat center and she considered learning. Well, that was me! And the opportunity came along. I’ll keep everyone posted through the blog. Best wishes. Carol

  6. Thank you, Wanda, for your kind words. And I’m delighted that you’re getting back to your quilting! I plan to create a quilting page on this website where I can post my own quilts and my readers’ quilts as well. I’ll let you know when I do that and I hope you’ll submit pictures of your progress. Best wishes, Carol

  7. Hi Carol, What exciting news! A Quilting Cozy is an excellent series and it should be published!! I enjoy cozy mysteries and can’t think of a series that I have enjoyed more. Even the other ones that included quilting didn’t encourage me to get back into quilting the ways your books did. I’m so glad to say that I am actually, albeit slowly, getting back to quilting and even learning new skills. Thank you! I’ve been reading the series on kindle but thinking that I would like the whole set in hardcopy. Maybe I’ll start buying them again in 2018. AWESOME!! Wanda >

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